One Gyms Ltd, the fitness, motivation and lifestyle specialists have expanded after an investment supported by Barclays, to refurbish the former Car Craft building at Langland Way, Newport.

The £1m investment has established one of the largest gyms in Wales at more than 30,000 sq feet and already created 16 new jobs, building on the successful business model of One to One gym which has been operating at Treforest Industrial Estate for more than 26 years.

Dave Epirus, co-founder and company director said: “I previously worked as a butcher and also own a healthy option ready meal business, Native Foods Ltd, so fitness and body conditioning seemed a natural fit.

"We have all the equipment and classes you would expect from a cutting edge gymnasium but what makes us different is our service and commitment to the individual.

"We have memberships that start from as little as £19.99 with no minimum contract, if you don’t like it, you walk away.

"We don’t want sleeping members who pay their monthly subscription but don’t turn up as that model is not sustainable.”

Nigel Davies, Barclays Business manager, said: “Barclays research identifies the significant role 'entrepreneurs' play in the local economy and is committed to supporting such propositions.

"By using our knowledge and experience within the local market, Barclays Business has been delighted to support One Gyms Ltd and wishes the business every success for the future. They must be doing something right as they even managed to convince a 53-year old bank manager to sign up.”

Alex Bodin, co-founder and company director, said: “We try to create an atmosphere whereby members look forward to coming and interacting with other members and friends.

"Newport is heavily saturated with gyms but part of our business model was to attract members from the competition to our premium, yet affordable proposition.

"After only five weeks we have more than 1,000 members. I love my job and feel great pride in the transformation, however big or small, whether physical or mental in members who use our facility.”

Dave Epirus said: “We are the official gym for Newport County AFC and hope to expand the brand across South Wales and further afield providing we can find the right location.

"As an independent gym we can move quickly and adapt to market conditions faster than our competitors. This week we have decided to launch a new student package for University of South Wales students at £99 for the academic year.

"Everyone is welcome to take a look around and if you are not feeling energetic you can un-wind in our contemporary coffee shop, or have a relaxing treatment at One You - our in-house beauty and wellness centre.”