UNIVERSITY marketing graduate Sam Williams aims to add considerable fire power to the promotion of a leading Gwent park

Sam, aged 22, recently completed his master’s degree in business and marketing after graduating with a first class honours degree in marketing from Bangor University.

The keen footballer, from New Inn, Pontypool, has been recruited to help boost the fortunes of Johnsey Estates-owned Mamhilad Park Estate, at Pontypool.

The business park, which is the past three years, has seen employment numbers grow to more than 1,600 jobs across the estate is home to a huge number of businesses ranging from medical to cycle manufacturers, charities to phone-based specialist insurance businesses and sole traders.

James Crawford, chief executive officer of Johnsey Estates, said: “Sam is a very intelligent, amiable and switched on young man. The knowledge he has and that he has gained through his university studies will be put to very good use with Johnsey Estates and in particular at Mamhilad Park Estate.

“We have a truly magnificent business park here in Pontypool and we’re determined to ensure that as many people as possible know about the offering we have and the opportunities and possibilities that exist here at Mamhilad Park Estate”

Sam, who is based at Mamhilad Park Estate, said he is excited at the potential to develop his career after securing the plum position on his doorstep and so soon after graduating from university.

Sam said: “My new job involves developing and implementing a new marketing strategy, that is largely focused on increasing the presence of Mamhilad Park Estate, a principal asset of Johnsey Estates, on social media platforms, alongside traditional forms of marketing thus increasing the awareness of what Mamhilad Park Estate has to offer.

“However, there are many other facets to the role on a day to day basis for example, recently I have also begun to secure lettings and I am excited to move in that direction in the future.

“I am very excited to put into to practice what I learned at University, I know I am very lucky to be able to go straight into a job in a directly related field to what I studied. However, I know that university can only teach you so much, so I am excited for the challenges that are ahead when moving forward in this business.

“I believe there is great potential for progression with the business. I have already been given a significant level of responsibility at a young age, and I believe that is the indication of the trust that the CEO James Crawford has in me and my abilities. Therefore, if I continue this path I believe I can grow alongside the business, which has huge potential for further growth with many exciting developments in the pipeline.”

The former St Albans school, Pontypool, student supports Manchester United and plays for New Inn AFC, said: “As I live locally to Mamhilad Park Estate, the success of the park directly affects my local community. Through my work I want to be able to play my role within the company to increase jobs, enterprises and other benefits to the community.

"Regarding what I want to achieve on a personal level, I want to work my way up within Johnsey Estates through hard work, and who knows maybe be the CEO myself one day!

“I am very grateful and feel lucky to have been given this huge opportunity by Johnsey Estates at Mamhilad Park Estate. Many companies do not like to hire those who are fresh out of University. However, Johnsey Estates have put their complete faith in me and I will not let them down.”