Monmouthshire Housing Association has appointed Cheryl Tracey as its head of business evolution.

The specialist role has been created to help shape and deliver new improved ways of working, so the association is better positioned to meet future demands and aspirations of its tenants and stakeholders.

One particular focus will be maximising its use of technology, which is hoped will create greater transparency and introduce more streamlined ways for interacting with the association.

This is particularly important as MHA provides a range of housing services to a dispersed population across a large geographical area.

John Keegan, Monmouthshire Housing Association’s chief executive, said: “Cheryl is well known throughout the sector as a forward thinker with a real vision for how services should be delivered into the future, and we want to harness that ability for the benefit of MHA and our tenants”.

“Our aim is to create genuine efficiencies while increasing customer satisfaction, even more than it is already.

"We intend to make sure transactions with MHA are carried out in ways which suit our tenants and which they are comfortable with. We also want to ensure no staff effort is wasted and our ways of working deliver the greatest benefit for the least amount of effort and cost”.

Cheryl is currently MHA’s head of neighbourhoods, and will take up her 18 month role in May 2019.

Cheryl is a former CIH Rising Stars Cymru award winner and member of the CIH Future Leaders Group.

She said: "I am delighted to be taking up this new role and am really excited about the potential it has to help shape and support MHA’s services into the future.

“I feel really passionate about delivering excellent customer-focused services, while ensuring we’re providing value for money for our tenants and leaseholders.

“It’s a really exciting time to be working in ‘business evolution,’ given the rapid pace of change and increased opportunities to harness new technologies to meet, and even exceed, changing customer expectations.

“I’m particularly looking forward to working closely with tenants, colleagues and external partners to ensure changes are both considered and deliver real sustainable performance improvement and value."