A Newport-based software company which provides multilingual software services and is the only one of its kind in Wales, is planning to grow over the next year working closely with Sell2Wales.

Using software that it has written, developed and licensed, Interceptor Solutions, which is based at Devon Place, Newport, can take monolingual software and make it multilingual, quickly, cheaply, and effectively.

It helps ensure organisations, particularly within the Welsh public sector, meet their statutory obligations in line with the Welsh Language Standards.

Since its launch in 2014, Interceptor Solutions has used Sell2Wales to grow its business and now services approximately 40 clients, including Welsh Government, local authorities, and higher and further education institutions, with plans to move into the health sector later in the year.

The majority of its clients are based in Wales and need to engage with their key audiences through the medium of Welsh but the software that has been developed can operate effectively with any language, providing unique opportunities for organisations who operate in a global environment with key markets around the world or who have a multilingual demographic in the UK that they need to engage with.

Richard Sheppard, founder and managing director of Interceptor Solutions, said: “Put simply, we make online services accessible to a bilingual audience.

"We assist many public sector organisations in Wales with compliance and the need to meet legislation and thereby communicate in a bilingual manner, but our software can be used effectively with any language, thereby providing organisations with a true multilingual solution.

“Our growth has been helped enormously by engaging through Sell2Wales who we have used since our inception in 2014.

"Approximately 95 per cent of our customers use Sell2Wales so it is a key tool for making new business connections and monitoring the increasing demand that organisations have for bilingual and multilingual services. It is crucial to our business and the fact there is open access to information is fantastic. Being up to date with the latest tendering news means we can easily keep abreast of opportunities and what is going on within our key client markets.”

Interceptor Solutions sees 2019 as an important time for growth and has plans later in the year to launch a new product which can take automated emails and make them multilingual, thus having a big impact on how organisations engage easily with their customers / clients.

It also aims to increase its number of clients to more than 50 by the end of the year.

Sell2Wales is part of Business Wales, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and supports the sustainable growth of SMEs across the country by offering access to information, guidance and business support.

In 2018, Sell2Wales announced it had reached a record landmark, with 22,000 contracts being secured through its portal. With more than £6bn worth of contracts being advertised through the platform every year, Welsh SMEs are being encouraged to sign up to the platform to secure new business opportunities.