Hussain Bayoomi, managing director of the South Wales Argus, explains why we are moving the business back into the heart of Newport...

Our brands, products and training are cutting edge. The business is dynamic and fast-paced. 
We are a local media business which reacts quickly to news. Our digital marketing services business uses state-of-the-art technology. And, importantly, our teams deserve an environment they can look forward to working in.
We also wanted to be in the city centre. 
Our journey began three years ago when we received a call from supermarket giant Lidl asking if we would be interested in selling our building.
Since then we have looked at literally hundreds of potential properties and had to wait with baited breath for Lidl to submit a planning application for the site and then to hear if permission had been granted.  

Officially we will be moving out of the South Wales Argus in April 2020 (tbc) and into the first floor of Chartist Tower right in the heart of the city centre.
We have taken approximately 12,000 sq ft of office space in the city’s tallest building, which is currently being refurbished by developers Garrison Barclay into a mix of office space and a 168-bed Mercure hotel. 
Working with AMH, our design and fit-out specialists, has been an eye-opening experience. I genuinely didn’t realise how many styles of chairs there were.
AMH will advise on the best use of space along with creating an environment which inspires and enthuses our teams. All designs are based on the surveys carried out, and the meetings held with colleagues in every department. 
It is an opportunity to build a new home which reflects our culture as well as our business. 
I am excited to get back to the city centre where for the Argus it all began 127 years ago.
I’m even more excited about our new event space, where we’ll be hosting our own events.
The new office space will accommodate a team of 190-plus people who will have access to an onsite gym, restaurant, as well as an outside terrace.
To keep everyone updated I plan on taking regular pictures, as well as making short videos recording our journey.