A collaboration between Welsh independent breweries, wholesalers and distributors will see the first official Welsh Beer Week launch in pubs across the country next month.

The rise of the Welsh brewing industry has seen a number of craft breweries joining established producers across the country. Increased customer demand for new products that reflect Wales’ culture and heritage has seen brewers respond with an expansive variety of ales and craft beers.

And Rhymney Brewery in Blaenavon is one of the local breweries which is backing the week.

The backing of key on-trade retailers and distributors across the country will help to ensure that pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants across ales will have access to the widest range of Welsh ales and beer possible.

Welsh Beer Week is organised by the Welsh Drinks Cluster’s Beer and Cider Group, which works in partnership with independent Welsh brewers, key on-trade retailers and wholesalers to promote the nations success at producing world class products.

Speaking on behalf of the Welsh Drinks Cluster Beer & Cider Group, Cen Hayward, one of the organisers of Welsh Beer Week, said: “Wales has a proud history of producing high quality beers and ales. That legacy continues today as young breweries join our oldest brands to create and share those products with the world.

“Welsh Beer Week aims to give beer lovers across the country the chance to experience the true taste of Wales. Our goal is to help people understand the wide range of exceptional Welsh creations available to them today and encourage them to join us in asking more pubs, bars and shops to stock Welsh ales and beer.

“You don’t need to be an aficionado to appreciate the exceptional drinks we produce. Your new favorite pint could well be from a local brewery and we hope Welsh Beer Week helps you find it.”

As well as showcasing products from around the country, Welsh Beer Week aims to help customers discover exceptional breweries that are right on their doorstep.

Steve Evans, who owns Rhymney Brewery in Blaenavon, said the best way to support Welsh breweries is to have your voice heard at the bar, by asking your local pubs to stock Welsh beer throughout the year.

He said: “We’re proud to be part of Welsh Beer Week, because frankly, not enough Welsh made beer is sold here in Wales. We have built a great industry, producing quality products to rival breweries across the UK and beyond. Welsh beer is here to stay and it should be available in pubs every day of the year.

“When you step up to the bar, please ask for a Welsh beer or ale. If nothing is available, ask them why not. Pubs and pub chains have a huge range of quality beers from breweries across Wales, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be available to you. Welsh Beer Week is here to give you the chance to try all that we have to offer and help to ensure you get the chance to enjoy it whenever you like and wherever you are in Wales.”

Organisers aim to have over 1000 beer and ale pumps displaying the Welsh Beer Week brand between 8-14 March.

Whether you prefer a traditional ale, or you’re on a search for something totally new, we’re confident Welsh Beer Week will help you find it.

Welsh Beer Week will officially launch across the country on March 8 and will run until March 14 to coincide with the final matches of the Six Nations Rugby Championship, which will see Wales face Scotland at the Principality Stadium. Those looking to discover Welsh beers and ales just need to look for taps and pumps at the bar sporting the official Welsh Beer Week logo.