The South Wales Argus is hosting its first International Women's Day conference today at the University of SouthWales Newport City Campus.
And a team of media students from the university will be on hand to video the whole event for us.

The event is being supported by NatWest, Gwent Police and the University of South Wales.
We met up with the students to find out why they wanted to get involved.
Ashton Roberts 
Originally from Llandudno, Ashton is studying Media Production at University of South Wales and would like to become a live music photographer.
She said: "I decided to get involved with the event because I think it's important for women to stand together and show their support with one another. In today's society, I believe girls are the biggest cheerleaders for one another and I believe it's really important to support every woman in our lives in their career and education.
"I hope to gain a life time experience, helping and showing support to other women. Meeting brave and inspirational women who challenge the norm on a daily basis.
"It is important to celebrate all women and everything they have taught us over the years, paving a respectful path for younger generations to follow."
Chloe Cummings
Chloe is from Pontypool and is also studying media production, with a view to becoming a film editor.
She said: "I decided to get involved in the event as I feel like it is our time to shine as women, to show that we can do whatever we set our minds to. There are no limits. I'm keen to learn more about what these fantastic women do and hopefully give me guidance of what women can achieve.
"The most enjoyable thing about my course is that there is a wide variety of choices during the three years I have been there. It has helped me find my passion for film editing and pursue a career in that. Studying at USW is like you have a family away from home. We all have the same interests and it is nice to create projects that everyone is so passionate about.
"Events like IWD are important because we need more women to support women. We need younger generations to look up to us and think 'I want to do what you do'. We need to pave the path for the next generation of girls while also teaching one another how to pursue their dreams."
Lauren Skillings
Lauren, from Weymouth, is studying media production and plans a career in television or film.
She said: "I decided to take part in this event as I thought it is a great opportunity to gain inspiration from the women attending. I think it will be interesting to hear all the discussions and viewpoints from everyone involved.
"I like that in our course we have the freedom to explore all the roles within the media industry, it has helped me discover what my future plans could be. Also working on varied types of media projects has given me an idea of what part of the industry I want to go in to. 
"I think IWD is important as it shows women across the world that they can do anything they set their minds too. Nothing should be seen as a job they can't do. Events like this can also act as a way for women to inspire one another."
Elle Twamley
Elle, from Devon, is also studying media production. She plans to go travelling before working on big production sets. 
She said: " I decided to get involved with this event for some new experience and to celebrate, meet and listen to inspiring women in the area. I hope to feel inspired by these women and get more of an insight into what women can actually achieve. 
"I chose my course because it allows you to learn all aspects in the film/TV industry; from camera and editing skills, to recording sound, to managing people and keeping organised. 
"The best part about studying at USW is that you meet so many different people. You can use people from other courses on your projects, so we all benefit from each other. Everyone is unique with different interests and skills, which is always inspiring. 
"International Women's Day events are important to highlight and bring together people from all different backgrounds and cultures, to honour and celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and to continue the fight for gender equality and women's rights."
Ffion Parry
Another media production student, Ffion is from Bristol.
She said: "I decided to be involved with the event as I feel it is important to make an impact in the industry - as a woman and to improve my professional work practice. I hope to be inspired by others at the event and to meet a range of talented women.
"What I enjoy most about my course is how it prepares you for industry. Being hands on and always being encouraged to work to the best of your ability and imagination. My plans for the future are to be a production manager and to take my book writing further.
"I think these events are so important as we need to be the woman the younger generation look up to. Girls can become very powerful women and that is something to be showcased.
"One of my role models is Maya Jama. Moving from my home city to London on her own and made a successful career and life for herself. With such enthusiasm, she has taught me that you can achieve anything possible if you put your mind and energy into it. 
"The best advice I have been given about my career path is to always be one step ahead. Think outside the box and always have a plan B, C and probably D."