Covid-19 - Cyber security challenges now and in the future is the subject of the latest South Wales Chamber of Commerce webinar which will take place at 10am on Friday, May 1.

The chamber team will be joined by Mike Parfitt, CEO of Caerphilly-based Team Metalogic and David Clarke, chairman of the Fraud Advisory Board, for the webinar, which will look at up to date information on cyber security, the implications for working in new ways, now and in the future.

David Clarke is chairman of the Fraud Advisory Panel and Covid-19 Fraud Watch and brings a wealth of experience from his time at City Police and at Guildhawk. David will be cover: current Covid-19 fraud risks, anticipated and/or emerging issues, and some simple preventative tips.

The cyber threat landscape is evolving at a phenomenal pace. As such, the tools you need to defend against and combat them also need to evolve.

Mike Parfitt, CEO of Team Metalogic, will explain what these risks are, what they mean for your business, as well as give you an insight as to why your 'cybersecurity posture' should definitely be an agenda item for any strategy discussions you may be having this year. Mike will cover: security implications of working from home and steps business should take, steps businesses should take and best practice, and latest stats and examples of the criminality that has spiked during Covid-19.

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