An online survey launched by the Welsh Affairs Committee is calling for businesses in Wales to tell them how the coronavirus outbreak has affected them.

The web-based survey is the latest effort by the committee to gather evidence from businesses of all sizes, forming part of the committee’s inquiry into the Welsh economy and Covid-19.

Businesspeople will be asked questions about whether they have sought applied for financial support, including from the UK and Welsh Governments, as a result of Covid-19, their experience of applying for support and the assistance that they believe they will need once the pandemic is over. The survey takes just ten minutes to answer.

Answers from the survey will be examined by MPs, who will use these to inform recommendations to the UK Government on what support Welsh businesses will need to re-establish their trade.

Committee chairman Stephen Crabb MP said: “Whether big or small, in whatever sector, we need businesses in Wales to tell us how they have been affected by Covid-19. Thousands of business owners are diligently doing their duty by shutting down their business or implementing social-distancing measures.

"Yet in doing this they are struggling to stay afloat. We need their views on the financial support that both the UK and Welsh Governments have offered so far, where the application process could be improved and the help they will need to recover once this pandemic is over."