Demand for digital diagnostics and social prescribing services by healthcare providers has significantly increased since the Covid-19 pandemic, as the NHS looks at alternative ways of caring for its patients during lockdown.

Among those to answer the call is medtech company Signum Health, which has won six contracts to supply its digital solutions since the beginning of 2020 to date.

Founded by former public health worker Victoria Norman, the Caerphilly-based firm is one of a handful helping healthcare providers UK-wide make the move to online service delivery and has seen its technology and services more in demand than ever.

Victoria said: “I don’t think this rate of change and the embracing of new technology within the NHS would have happened were it not for the Covid-19 pandemic. Hospitals and health services found themselves unable to carry out its day to day work and looked around for alternatives, which is where medtech and companies like ours have stepped in.

“I don’t think the health service will ever be the same after Covid-19, both in terms of how it has dealt with the pandemic and how patients and practitioners alike have had to use more digital services as a matter of course – due to necessity.

“Digital diagnostic, online appointments and social prescribing services will now increasingly become the new norm.”

Victoria said: “Our pick and mix digital health model was created to allow health services to create a bespoke virtual platform for their patients, powered by Signum Health. Our core goal is to enable patients, pharmacies, GPs and other alternative healthcare services, to work more efficiently by sharing health information in a way that benefits everyone.

“Social prescribing and online clinical referral and diagnosis is key to the future of the NHS rather than by a face to face consultation - we are really proud to have supported the NHS during this time, and look forward to increasing innovation in the health service in the future.”