The Port of Newport, owned and operated by Associated British Ports, the UK’s leading and best-connected port operator, has signed a new lease with Power Poles Ltd, which will provide secure storage space to support the company’s regional operations.

Power Poles Ltd, which supplies treated wood poles from Nordic countries, distributing them throughout the UK, signed the lease for a one-acre storage site at West Way Road in Newport.

Steven Harrison, ABP divisional port manager – East Wales, said: “We are delighted that Power Poles has chosen ABP’s Port of Newport to support their business and the wider supply chain here in the UK. We look forward to working closely together in the future.”

Willie Clason, director at Power Poles Ltd, said: “We are pleased to announce the arrival of Power Poles Ltd to Newport. Operating from Westway Road, PPL distributes utility wood poles to local electricity partners in South Wales and South West.”

PPL’s commercial director Deborah Clason said: “We look forward to developing our relationship with ABP. Newport is a perfect location both for our inbound shipments from Sweden and access to M4 corridor. We are well positioned to deliver strategic growth here in Newport to serve our infrastructure customers”

With a wide range of property opportunities in 21 locations around the country, ABP’s extensive portfolio of built space includes port-centric warehousing and logistics, multi-use warehousing, storage facilities and office accommodation.

The Port of Newport is located close to the M4 and close to the M5 via the two Severn bridge crossings. It is also ideally situated to supply the Midlands using the A449 and M50 and has excellent rail connections for freight transportation.