Nick Jones is managing director of Caldicot-based SD Sealants and has a real passion for cars...

What was your first car and what did you think? 
A Fiat Panda, which I loved at the time.

What do you drive now and why? 
I drive a Porsche 911 Turbo S and Porsche Cayman GT4. I am a GT Championship race driver in my spare time and the Porsche is also my racing car. 

What is your dream car? 
There are too many to mention. I like anything that’s pretty, cool and fast. I’m easy to be honest, as I live, breathe and love cars. 

What about electric vehicles?
I think the range on offer is a bit limiting in terms of models at the moment, but once that improves, then why not? I’m all for anything which helps the environment.

What does a car say about its driver? 
It depends if the driver can drive the car, then that does say a lot about the driver. Sometimes you haven’t got much choice in the car you buy as you are working with a budget, but if you do have a choice, then yes, it can say a lot about who you are and the way you want to be seen. 

What other cars have you owned? 
A 911 Turbo, Cayenne and Lotus Esprit GT3, to name a few. As I said, I love pretty and fast cars. 

And what do you plan on getting next?
I’m sticking with a Turbo S for now. It’s a lovely vehicle that suits my needs. 

Favourite road to drive on and why? 
The Spa-Francorchamps Race Track in Belgium. It is a wonderful track to drive on and is particularly fast.