Luke Mccarthy-Reed, IT developer at Newport law firm Harding Evans Solicitors, is also a film reviewer...

I have reviewed more than 357 films in total, including 106 in 2017.

One of the things I love about movies is talking about them, and having a love of writing combines nicely with writing up movie reviews. Usually I try to get these written straight after watching them while my thoughts and feelings are still fresh in my mind. The really great thing I love about movies is the discussion they produce. Everyone interprets a movie in their own way and I find there’s something compelling about seeing how people experience a film differently to yourself. No one is really right – they are essentially just opinions but can always spark a great conversation. 

It’s incredibly difficult to narrow it down to one movie as my absolute favourite, but Cool Runnings is always a movie I can turn to. 

It has a little bit of everything. It’s funny and sweet, it has a really great underdog story and even after watching it plenty of times, it never fails to lose its charm that makes it such a great movie that’s held the test of time through generations. You can put it on at any time and it’ll never fail to cheer you up and give you a smile.

Plus what’s not to love about a Jamaican Bobsled Team powered by friendship, determination and a lucky egg?