Where is it?

I would have said Gemelli’s on the Bridge in Bridge Street, partly because it’s just across the bridge from our office. Also because they serve a very nice red wine called Montepulciano. However, they had to close because the bridge was closed. So, recently I have enjoyed eating at Pierre Le Bistrot in Friars Walk. It is pleasantly situated overlooking the pedestrian bridge over the River Usk.

Sit down or takeaway?

It’s a sit-down restaurant and I usually have no trouble getting a table, especially if I go for an early lunch, say at 12.30pm. As you would expect the food is bistrot-like French (the clue’s in the name!). Prices about
£12 to £15 for two courses, and the service is good.

What do you eat?

I normally have a mushroom starter, with garlic, on toast, followed by the chicken dish, or sometimes a steak (for which there is usually a supplement). Also they serve a very nice glass of Taittinger Champagne for about £8 a glass.

Why is it good?

The atmosphere is French country provincial and there is a buzz about the place.

Reviewer: Gerald Davies, executive chairman, Kymin, Bridge Street, Newport

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