Chris Taylor, director at Kymin Financial Services, Newport, shares his passion for cars...

What was your first car? 
Do I really have to answer this? It was a 1988 two-tone Nissan Micra Collette. I was lucky enough to have my parents pay for my driving lessons at 17 and put £400 towards my first car. As grateful as I was having my first car, I felt it lacked street cred and I immediately removed the ‘special edition’ Collette badges! I drove it everywhere after I passed my test and I have some great memories as it allowed me to have my independence, meet new people and discover new places.
What do you drive now? 
I have a plug-in hybrid Mercedes C350e company car and a MK1 Golf Rivage GTI (pictured) for weekends and car shows.
What is your dream car? 
Lamborghini Countach LP500 S. I had a poster on my bedroom wall as a boy. They are brash, loud, impractical and fun. Who doesn’t want to pull up in a petrol station and get out of their retro 80s Lamborghini using those famous scissor doors?   
What about electric vehicles? 
I currently have a plug in hybrid. It’s a nice car and manages close to 300bhp with the petrol and battery motor combined, although the electric range could be better. I’m sure these cars will rapidly evolve over the next few years as governments start pushing for more electric cars on the roads. The main issues are sorting out the infrastructure for people to charge their cars and making sure we can produce enough electricity as a country. The government say they want to all cars to electric by 2040, if so they really need to ramp up the investment in charging points etc.       
What does a car say about its driver? 
Some say I’m an A to B kind of person and others say I’m a petrol head.
What other cars have you owned? 
MK2 Golf, MK1 Golf Cabriolet (a bronze one), Polo GTI, Audi S3, MK7 Golf GTD
And what do you plan on getting next? 
I’ve only just changed to the Mercedes. I’ve always had an itch to have one, although I will probably go back to an Audi or VW next. The MK1 Golf is going nowhere!
What is your favourite road to drive on and why? 
This has to be the Nurburgring in Germany. It’s actually classified as a de-restricted public toll road! I’ve driven it many years ago but would love to go back one day. It’s 12.9 miles long with 170 corners. You can buy a ticket and drive anything you like around it. Not for the faint of hearted but amazing fun and gets the adrenaline flowing. Just don’t crash as they will charge you per minute the track is closed and per meter of Armco barrier you damage!