Victoria Holloway, corporate marketing director, Queensberry, spoke to The Business magazine as part of its women in business special...

I have worked in marketing, public relations and communications for more than 25 years and am fortunate to have worked with some great companies and projects. 

I am currently working as corporate marketing director for Queensberry, the firm which brought Friars Walk to Newport.

I am thoroughly enjoying the latest chapter of my career. At Queensberry I have had the chance to work on some exciting projects and have witnessed what a positive impact quality, thoughtful, design-led regeneration can have on an area. 

The most important thing for me is that women must support one another and I think this where movements such as #thisgirlcan can make a difference. 

Types of initiatives which enable, enthuse and encourage are positive. There are challenges that women face in society and having a role model can really help in my opinion.

I think women have a number of opportunities for a career in business but, unfortunately, some obstacles remain. For example – I think sometimes it can take a little longer for women to rise through the ranks at times. 

My message would be to stay motivated, committed and to exercise! I am a fitness fanatic and, if I could, I’d be outdoors most of the day running!