Fresh space emerges, new businesses arrive and 21st century communications service ensure occupiers are at the cutting edge...

THE latest piece of the fascinating, on going refurbishment jigsaw at Mamhilad Park Estate is almost complete.

The Alzheimer’s Society is poised to move 55 administrative staff into its pristine 3,400 sq ft of space at the awe-inspiring Pontypool business park.

The work, on the first floor of Caerleon House, involved a major reconfiguration of original space by knocking through walls and creating new open plan offices to the precise requirements of the new occupier. 

James Crawford, chief executive of Mamhilad Park Estate owners Johnsey Estates UK Ltd, said: “The in-house Mamhilad Park Estate team did a marvellous job in creating the new space and have delivered the office space on time and to specification by working as an efficient team during unsocial hours to reduce the impact of the work on existing occupiers in the building.

“Various rooms have been removed to create a predominantly open plan space plus meeting rooms and a kitchen and break-out area. The interior décor has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of dementia sufferers.

“We’re very happy with the result and the new occupiers, The Alzheimer’s Society, are now ready to move into the 3,400 sq ft of administrative space with the minimum of fuss. 

“This is a superb example of the way we work with occupiers to deliver the office space they require as promised and on time to fit with their own timetables.”

Mamhilad Park Estate ensures that it keeps in touch with its various occupiers through frequent meetings.

James Crawford said: “We have regular occupiers meetings when businesses, private, public and charitable sectors can air their views, ask about any issues they have and also to make suggestions on how improvements can be made. 

“However, we don’t expect occupiers to have to wait for formal meetings to discuss their needs or requirements but, as we are located on site, they can speak to us by dropping into the office or even have a chat when we’re in the cafe or while in the grounds. That is the real beauty of us, the owners, being located on site. We can react to needs as and when they arise.

“We have some 20,000 sq ft of serviced offices which are proving very successful for those looking for their first office, perhaps moving from a home location or looking to expand. 

“We have a current occupancy rate of some 90 per cent. The serviced offices we have here at the estate are extremely popular because of the easy in easy out terms we operate, the high standard of accommodation and the very welcoming environment we have here at Mamhilad Park Estate about which we’re very proud.”

One of the real success stories for Mamhilad Park Estate was the arrival and the subsequent expansion of specialist insurance broker Quote Detective. 

The firm arrived with 12 people and has grown at such a rate that they will be employing some 100 people by February next year.

The firm, which currently has 4,000 sq ft, is already poised to take on extra temporary space adjacent to where it currently operates to accommodate its increased workload on a temporary basis while a completely new office space is completed for them to move into by the spring of next year.

James Crawford said: “Quote Detective is a good example of how we have been challenged by an occupier as it has grown to be able to provide the office accommodation and facilities that it requires. 

“We are delighted to be able to have been able to fulfil the firm’s requirements and to see this Wales success story prosper and grow at Mamhilad Park Estate.”

Quote Detective chief executive David Harlow said: “The space that we have at Mamhilad Park Estate is ideal for our expanding needs. Owners Johnsey Estates have been unbelievably accommodating in meeting our precise needs for which we are very grateful.”

James Crawford said: “We’re constantly looking at improvements of the facilities here at Mamhilad Park Estate. We’re investing heavily in the infrastructure here as anyone who walks around the park will see.

“The footpaths are being renewed and the gardens are bursting with colour from an array of raised garden boxes we’ve constructed. The lawns are an attractive feature as are the specimen trees many of which have been a part of the park for a number of years but have benefited from judicious pruning.

“One of the jewels in the crown for us at Mamhilad Park Estate is our Cafe on the Park. 

“It is a fabulous addition to the park community which is very well used by occupiers. It is a modern facility but we are always looking at ways to improve everything we have here at the park. 

“Acting proactively and after taking soundings from occupiers we are developing a part of the cafe to make it even more attractive to occupiers by creating a ‘break out’ space where people can settle with their lap tops and a coffee or simply relax and chat with colleagues in a comfortable and welcoming place. We are looking to create a series of booths in the cafe as well as a new bar area.”

He said: “One of the key attractions for occupiers at the estate is the plug in and go capability of the office space. When we say to a prospective occupier that they can be online the day that they move in, we mean it. We have invested heavily in fibre communications system which allows occupiers to have the precise capacity that they require at the flick of a switch.

“We were confident the investment was well made and so it has been proved. It’s a major plus point for all occupiers and one which is paying real dividends for all manner of occupiers at Mamhilad Park Estate. We listened to what occupiers and prospective occupiers said they wanted and reacted to their needs.”

South Wales-based B2B  IT Services manage the IT infrastructure for Johnsey Estates at Mamhilad Park Estate.

John Hurst, of B2B IT Services, said: “Our client Johnsey Estates has a huge leased line which provides far better connectivity than broadband. The leased line comes in to the estate and each tenant can rent that connectivity from them. 

“Essentially what this offers occupiers is a better, more robust and more flexible solution than broadband. Johnsey’s have invested a huge amount in their infrastructure to ensure tenants experience good connectivity and maximum uptime.”

James Crawford said: “Another area in which we are looking to invest is in energy. Mamhilad Park Estate is currently using traditional heating and power sources but we’re looking increasingly at the possible use of other forms of renewable energy such as solar. Utilities are the major expenditure for the estate and we’re actively looking at green alternatives. We have a very large expanse of flat roof here so this may well prove useful if we go down the solar panel route.

“We are also keen on introducing electric-vehicle power points to serve the park’s occupiers. We expect to have a Mamhilad Park Estate liveried vehicle on charge and ready for action. “

One of the more unusual but perhaps most refreshing of occupiers of the estate is The Welsh Perry & Cider Society.

The society, formed in 2001, promotes interest in the production of cider and perry in Wales and encourages a greater appreciation of the natural craft drinks. 

Shan Rimmer, WPCS administrator, said: “We try to hold a pop up shop at the office once a month so that Mamhilad park residents can purchase our producers products. We chose Mamhilad Park Estate for our office as it is located centrally for our staff and has some great facilities on site. It constantly amazes us how diverse the businesses are on the estate.”

TVS Education Ltd, originally based in Cardiff and established in 2011, is a new occupier at Mamhilad Park Estate.

Kerry Reynolds, of TVS Education Ltd, said: “We chose Mamhilad Park Estate as our head office base due to value for money and the very high standard facilities that are set within a campus style professional work environment.    

“Our first impressions of the park are very pleasing. All of our staff are very happy at the thought of coming to work and we are enjoying having access to the café, parking and lovely green park grounds. We are also enjoying mixing with a range of people from the other organisations based within the park, everyone is very pleasant and helpful.

“We work nationally, with key partners, typically professional sports clubs and governing bodies, to provide education and /training opportunities for young people through the medium of sport. 

“We have established working partnerships with more than 50 professional sporting clubs across the UK, these include Manchester City, Cardiff City, Cardiff Blues, Newport County, Lincoln City, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Glamorgan Cricket Club, Fulham and Southampton FC through the Saints Foundation.”

TVS Education delivers government funded (ESFA) vocational education programmes of study. There are currently 15 employees spread across England and Wales.

My Care My Home is a private healthcare provider with its head office in Cardiff but which has opened a satellite office at Mamhilad Park Estate.

Yasmine John, of My Care My Home, said: “The business provides care and support for elderly and vulnerable adults, an enhanced discharge service within acute and community hospitals and operates a free phone call centre offering advice. The business employs some 120 people and we’re looking to recruit.

“We chose Mamhilad Park Estate as it is a good location for our care staff out in the community. The park, with its cafe, gym, nursery, grounds has good facilities with free parking and refreshments available onsite. The part of the building we have leased has just been refurbished so we enjoy excellent kitchen and toilet facilities.”
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