Johnson & Phillips were approached by a renowned oil and gas energy services provider. 

The client explained that their rigs were suffering numerous power related issues. There was constant motor and switching issues. There was fatigue due to voltage collapse and the generators were working hard. Fuel for the generators is also now a considerable cost in the contract.
Johnson & Phillips measured the rigs power under normal operating conditions while the rig was drilling. 

The findings were staggering. 

Due to the motor loads etc the Power Factor was a lowly 0.2, the effects of this cause severe voltage problems which were considered normal for rigs being powered by diesel generators. 
Johnson & Phillips advised the client that there was a solution for this and it would save money on operating costs.
The solution from Johnson & Phillips
• J&P were tasked with this investigation
• J&P provided expert power analysis
• J&P found numerous serious power issues
• Due to motor loads the voltage was eractic
• The average power factor was poor
• The power was very unstable
• The rig’s generators were almost maxed out
• The rig suffered continually electrical issues
• Diesel fuel saving was a huge consideration due to cost

The results
• J&P Installed a DeltaVar System
• J&P provided full project management
• The DeltaVar improved current demand by 65 per cent
• Voltages became stable
• Effects of motor starting mitigated
• Client reduced generator use from 3 to 2 and 5 to 3
• Considerable fuel saving for generator reduction
DeltaVar installed in a plug and play demountable container

The 690 V electrical system is powered by three and five 1250 kW 60HZ generators; the main loads are the drilling process and the water treatment. 
The industrial version of the DeltaVar was identified as being the ideal technical solution for these ambient conditions. 
The rig was the first to be fitted with an industrial 1.5MVAR DeltaVar. 
The DeltaVar was manufactured and positioned in a bespoke air conditioned container room and the cabling was connected for plug and play. This allows no delay with rig movement.
An expansion modules has now been in service for several months with the DeltaVar. During this time, there have been no e-system or stabilisation system failures. 
The over all fuel use across the generators has been reduced by 40 per cent. Over the next few years, the remaining 10 remaining rigs will be fitted in turn with the industrial DeltaVar.
In the future, the plan is to equip the new rigs, featuring twice the electrical power, with the DeltaVar right from the outset. 
In the meantime, the DeltaVar system has established itself for use in mobile powered rigs: in addition to the RIGS, it is now installed in special applications such as cable layers, suction dredging vessels and even mega-yachts – the water-cooled version of the top configuration with 2000A is even sometimes installed here. 
The next large project involves equipping sea going rigs with the DeltaVar.

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