Do you fancy holidaying somewhere different in 2013? How about a lighthouse on an island? Or maybe a castle or a Victorian folly?

You don’t need to go far either as you can rent out buildings like these and many more for holidays around the UK, courtesy of the Landmark Trust.

The trust has been restoring historic and architecturally interesting buildings since 1965 and giving them a new lease of life by letting them out for holidays. Some are for just two people, others are for 12 or more.

So instead of a caravan, you could try the Old Light on Lundy island in the Bristol Channel. Snug in your keepers’ cottage, built of ‘Cyclopean blocks of granite’ you could explore the delights of this haven of wildlife, which also boasts a pub.

While not needing a ferry crossing to get there, the Martello Tower in Aldeburgh, Suffolk also looks a likely spot for an adventurous break with a nautical feel.

Martello Towers were built to deter French invasion during the Napoleonic Wars, but this intriguing spot now boasts a teak floor, a restored, vaulted interior and ‘an intriguing echo’.

They’re not always pricey either.

Beckford's Tower, a Victorian folly in Bath could be yours for four nights for £344, and as it sleeps four, that makes a tidy £21.50 per person, per night. Visitors can enjoy the sumptuous Scarlet Drawing Room, the fine circular staircase and admire what Beckford called ‘the finest prospect in Europe’.

And closer to home is Clytha Castle near Abergavenny. Built in 1790, this magnificent home stands on the summit of a small hill with deer known to wander its grounds. Small as castles go, it only sleeps five, but with some imagination, that should be more than enough for an exotic weekend away.

What’s more, your holiday will be helping preserve these parts of our heritage for many years to come .

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