DO you have a list of places you want to go to? The 'bucket' list is a popular term now, alongside the '100 places you must see before you die' or some such nonsense.

I don't have such a list, but I have a list of places where, while I wouldn't refuse to go to (say if someone else was paying) are never going to make it onto my top ten of must sees.

My list is made up of places that will always be pushed out by other more desirable ones.

Sadly, I am of limited means, and we're all of limited years, so there are only so many places you can go to.

The USA for one. I'm sure there's much that is fine and breathtaking in the land of the free, the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate and more, but there are sights as grand to be had elsewhere. Feeling half-drowned in the wash of their culture as it is, I'm more interested in seeing places and cultures that are truly surprising and strange. Even bigger malls than we have here just don't appeal.

Much of Scandanavia too, I'm afraid I can't see myself ever going to. Beautiful scenery Sweden may have, but I'm put off by ruinously high prices and food that I've heard isn't much to write home about. A friend once went to Norway and celebrated his 30th birthday on a bench with all he could afford - a small bottle of beer and an orange. I have a feeling holidays here would always have moments like these.

I doubt if Sweden or Norway will be greatly bothered by this, but in a small way, I am. I may have to accept that I'll never see Stockholm.

So, apologies for any offence I’ve caused to the no-doubt welcoming folk of Sweden or proud Americans, but life is all about choices. For every one thing you accept, another must be rejected.