A CONSERVATIVE Government led by a slightly scary female prime minister, the Labour Party in disarray and leggings back in style.

Anyone would think it was the 80s again.

But at least an end might be in sight for the Labour turmoil, with party members up and down the country getting leadership ballot forms dropping through their letterboxes as you read this.

But it’s a difficult race to call, with Owen Smith clearly winning the backing of the majority of Labour MPs but Jeremy Corbyn, seen this week sitting on the floor of a train, enjoying strong support within the party’s membership at large.

If Mr Corbyn does get pushed out next month, it’ll come as little surprise – many said when he won the role last September he wouldn’t last this long, so managing an entire year while facing criticism and rebellion from all sides is nothing to be sniffed at.

Whichever way the ballot goes, let’s hope this puts an end to the matter. Theresa May must be rubbing her hands with glee at the complete lack of a strong opposition in Parliament at the moment with Labour members spending all their time fighting among themselves.

With summer recess to end in the next few weeks this needs to end, and it needs to end soon.

THIS week in our regular series ‘politicians grow facial hair’, first minister Carwyn Jones has let his personal grooming routine lapse a bit during the summer and grown a bit of a beard.

His new look was revealed on Twitter by his wife, who said it helped her tell the difference between her husband and Wales’ favourite weatherman/politician lookalike Derek Brockway. What that says about what goes on in the Jones household I dread to think.

While I suspect Mr Jones will turn up back at Senedd next month clean-shaven as usual, I, for one, would welcome a bearded first minister. Alas, I fear it will not be so.

At least it looks better than Nigel Farage’s moustache.

APPARENTLY someone at Newport City Council clicked on a dodgy link earlier this week and infected the authority’s entire computer system, meaning members and officers were unable to reply to emails.

As leader of the council’s Conservative group Matthew Evans pointed out on Twitter, a good excuse to get out and enjoy the sun. I just hope no one has had problems with their bins.

In better news, one lucky council employee has handed in their notice after being handed an exciting investment opportunity by a Nigerian prince.

IN case you hadn’t noticed by the weather – although it’s rather pleasant as I’m writing this – summer is drawing to a close and with it the autumn political season approaches.

MPs will return to Parliament in a week and a half, and the Senedd is open for business again the week after that.

And with it hopefully this column will less ‘who’s grown a beard this week’ and more ‘things which actually matter’. Watch this space.