Looking ahead, there is a big opportunity to do things differently across the UK right in front of us.

This is the perfect time to change the way we do things, grab hold of new opportunities and shape a new future for all of us, post-pandemic.

This is what is at the core of Labour’s plan to make, sell and buy more in Britain, as outlined by Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves recently.

Labour is proposing a raft of measures including asking every public body to give more contracts to British firms and passing a law requiring them to report on how much they are buying from British businesses of all sizes.

The plan also sets out how we should invest in 'reshoring' jobs, supporting British businesses that manufacture and produce their goods abroad to return home.

We must also make sure that not only are we creating modern jobs in green industries, in tech and digital media but also that we are giving workers and young people the skills needed to succeed.

Labour will work with colleges and universities to develop the apprenticeships we need for the jobs of the future.

This is something I have been a part of in Blaenau Gwent where I helped bring the new cyber security course to our local college, with in-built work experience opportunities and a guaranteed job interview at the end of the course.

The Conservatives talk the talk on these issues, but are failing to walk the walk.

British ships and submarines are made overseas, not in British shipyards. More than half of the steel purchased for UK construction projects currently comes from abroad.

Just one UK-based business was shortlisted for £2.5 billion worth of contracts for track and tunnel systems for HS2, alongside three other overseas firms.

There needs to be culture change across Government that prioritises local industries, putting materials made in Britain at the front of the queue for major infrastructure projects.

This is the sort of forward thinking that will be vital in helping new industries to grow, to create new jobs and to strengthen our economy in the near future.

There are opportunities to give people new skills and jobs here in the UK, to create a secure economy and to help our high streets.

We can do this by focusing on making, selling and buying more in Britain.