Office Opening

The last few months have been a very busy and exciting time. Our duty as assembly members is to serve you and to that end I and my fellow UKIP AM Mark Reckless have been busy preparing to open a regional office. I am very proud to say our office is now up and running in Pontypool and is ready to help the public. We are open 9-4 every Monday to Friday. Whoever you are and whoever you voted for does not matter to us, we are here to help. The Welsh Assembly deals with many of the issues which affect our day to day lives, our education system, the NHS and housing. If you have concerns or issues about anything these or anything the Assembly does you can come to us about it. If you are unable for whatever reason to make it to our Pontypool office we will still of course be contactable by post and e-mail.

Right of Access

For a long time now there has been discontent over Wales’ current countryside access, which has become a set of ad hoc arrangements and an opening up of what is termed “uncultivated land”. Last week I met with a group looking to expand these rights, particularly for our country’s waterways. I know many in the angling community are wary of opening up our rivers and lakes to other users such as canoeists and sailors. They can rest assured I would not take a position which would put angling at risk in Wales. However, we cannot ignore the fact that we need a national debate on countryside and waterway access rights. Only by having this debate can we move forward and put the ill feeling and tensions between the different groups. After all these groups are after the same thing, the right to enjoy the beautiful countryside of Wales. I am sure that by starting a dialogue we can improve everyone’s enjoyment of the Welsh countryside.