THERE is "no need to introduce compulsory measures" requiring care home staff in Wales to be vaccinated against coronavirus according to the Welsh Government.

This is after the news that staff in similar roles in England will require a vaccine to be allowed to work.

The UK Government's health secretary Matt Hancock is known to favour the move, while England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, has said doctors and care workers have a “professional responsibility” to protect their patients.

However, as health is devolved, this will not apply in Wales.

And now the the Welsh Government has said they "do not see the need" to introduce compulsory coronavirus vaccines for the sector.

They do, however, urge all care workers not yet vaccinated to get their vaccine.


A spokesmansaid: "While Covid vaccination rates are at such high levels in this group – and in other priority groups and age groups – in Wales we do not see the need at this time to introduce compulsory measures.

"We will continue to work with the sector to promote the importance of vaccination and support any care workers who have not yet been vaccinated to get a vaccine.”

“Protecting our most vulnerable people in care homes is at the heart of our response to the pandemic and vaccine strategy.

"More than 92 per cent of staff working in older people’s care homes have had a first dose of a vaccine and 85 per cent have had a second dose.

"We will continue to work with the care home sector to vaccinate staff and residents and to keep staff and residents safe.”

However, NHS figures to June 6 show that just 84 per cent of staff in older adult care homes in England have had one dose of vaccine, and almost 69 per cent have had both jabs.

In Hackney, in east London, for example, just 66.7 per cent of staff in older adult care homes have had their first dose, with only 58.6 per cent of staff in the borough having both doses.

The UK Government's decision on compulsory vaccines, first reported by the Guardian, is controversial, with the GMB union saying that more than a third of carers would consider leaving their jobs if vaccinations become compulsory.