A NEWPORT author and historian has come out to support a city library threatened with closure.

Alan Roderick, who has written books on the history of Newport and Gwent, said Stow Hill Library was the only amenity the area had and some of its users would struggle to go to the city centre to use the central library there.

The council has said that residents would still be within two miles of a library, and that the closure is seen as a necessity so the authority can continue to provide an excellent service.

Newport council's cabinet member for leisure and culture Debbie Wilcox is yet to make a decision on whether the closure should go ahead.

Mr Roderick, 66, of Llanthewy Road, Newport, said the library had been there for years and years.

"Our library has been singled out to be the fall guy," he said.

"Libraries are food for the soul and drink for the mind. It amounts to cultural vandalism. We've lost our bakery, the butchers, the post office is gone. All we have left is takeaways and charity shops."

The council said it is offering a service where residents can order books and have them sent to their home.

For more information on the BookExpress service visit www.newport.gov.uk