A COUPLE who lost their racehorse in a “deliberate” arson attack have said their other mare, who survived the blaze, is on the path to full recovery.

Janet Vokes and her husband Brian, who are best known as the couple who raised the champion racehorse Dream Alliance, lost their three-year-old horse Rodders in a fire at their stable in Cefn Fforest back in November.

The fire - which was believed to have been deliberately started - also injured Rodders’ mother, 10-year-old Juwireya.

Speaking to the Argus after the incident, Mrs Vokes said she was unsure if Juwireya - also known as Hettie - would survive due to severe burns and extensive smoke inhalation.

But today, the horse owner said the 10-year-old mare is now on the way to recovery after going through vet treatment.

Mrs Vokes said: "She's coming along nicely now. She had burns to her face and neck and there were injuries to the front of her as she struck her way through the back of the stable to get free.

"The worst burns were on her flank and back when the roof was melting and falling down during the fire but they are healing now too.

"You would have thought the incident would have changed her temperament but in herself she is fantastic and calm.

"Without the amazing treatment from the vet I'm pretty sure she would have died."

Even though Mrs Vokes says she and Brian are pleased with Juwireya's recovery, they are still saddened over the death of Rodders.

"This is the year when he would have gone racing," she said.

"There will be points throughout the year where we will be thinking of what he would have been doing. We just have to learn to live with it now."

A fundraising page which was set up by a family friend to help rehabilitate Hettie and rebuild the stables has so far raised £10,000.

Mrs Vokes said her and her husband are focusing on rebuilding the stables and looking after Juwireya but are still waiting to hear back from Gwent Police regarding the investigation.

Gwent Police have been contacted for comment.