A NEWPORT firm with a rich history of restoring famous landmarks around the world continues to go from strength to strength.

Structural engineering firm Cintec, which is based in Gold Tops, has recently completed work on the Step Pyramid in Cairo.

Managing director Peter James, who was born in Newport, said: “The pyramid is at least 4,700 years old and the project cost about a quarter of a million pounds.

“We were doing structural works on the ceiling near the central sarcophagus.

“We started work quite a while ago,” said Mr James. “But we stopped following the Arab Spring.

“I can now say that we have completed the project. We are very pleased.”

The company - which has previously worked on the Statute of Liberty, the Library of Parliament in Canada, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and The White House - has also repaired other parts of the pyramid and will soon start work repairing one of the corners of the famous Bent Pyramid.

Mr James, 74, who started the company in 1984, added: ““I believe I founded this company at the right time and that is precisely why we are doing well. We are very busy with lots of projects about to start in the new year.

“I would like to add that this month it was announced the company had broken its record – potentially the world record – for installing an anchor 37.5m in length, in the governor’s building in Trinidad. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen and for their hard work.

“Throughout the past few years Cintec has worked with several contractors involved in Network Rail’s programme of electrification and improvement to the rail infrastructure.

“And now we are looking into projects involving railways in India.

“We are also set to work in the Midlands on a number of projects to prevent progressive collapse in many high-rise buildings.”