SHE is the Welsh Indoor Ladies Bowls champion. He is one of the top bowls players in the world. So when their eyes met across the green, Kerry Packwood and Stuart Anderson knew they’d hit the jackpot.

The couple will celebrate Valentine’s Day today just a week after Miss Packwood, from Pontnewynydd, won her latest bowling title.

Miss Packwood, 25, started bowling at the age of 12 with her twin Kelly, from Swffyrd, when looking for a sport to keep them entertained at Cwmbran Stadium.

Miss Packwood said: “We used to play karate, badminton – all sorts. One weekend we asked the receptionist at the stadium what sport we could play for a pound, because that was all we had left, and they said bowls.”

The pair have never looked back, winning numerous titles over the years.

Miss Packwood has won the Welsh Under-25s Junior Singles Championship three times, while Kelly has won it twice.

Miss Packwood has also won the Junior World Championship, and the twins won the British Isles Triples Championships together twice.

But it was during the world junior championships five years ago in Scotland that Miss Packwood first met Scot Mr Anderson, 26.

At first Miss Packwood thought it would be best for Mr Anderson – currently ranked number nine in the world – and her to concentrate on their bowls careers.

But two years ago they finally got together – after winning simultaneous world under-25 titles.

Mr Anderson moved to Gwent from Scotland on Valentine’s Day two years ago, and the couple now have a six-month-old daughter, Emma Jayne.

The couple still love the sport that brought them together, with Miss Packwood now aiming to break into the professional ranks. She said: “Everyone thinks its an old person’s sport, but it’s a young person’s sport older people can play.”