I BACK Alan Roderick 100 per cent (letters, March 20) in his efforts to stop the closure of Stow Hill Library.

It is an absolute right for children to have access to books from libraries and I believe that, within reason, children should read anything because stories fire the imagination. My first experience of reading arrived after I became aware of the Dandy and Beano at a very early age. The pictures made me want to know what was happening. I became an avid devourer of annuals and went on many adventures with Rupert Bear and his pals of Nutwood. My father tried to turn me into an etymologist by demanding I correctly spelled ten long words each evening or I did not get to listen to Dick Barton, Special Agent. I eventually progressed to Maindee Library. Apparently there are schools in which text books have to be shared, and Newport City Council wishes to close libraries. Where are these councillors taking us, back to the Dark Ages?

Gerry S Rose Dewsland Park Road Newport