REALIST UK (letters-web) 24/5 stated that ‘only in this country can you be on a terrorist watch list and on jobseekers allowance at the same time’. This sums up a problem which most of us identify with. Blair’s Labour junta over successive years allowed every Tom, Dick and Harry into this country in their search for the utopian multi-cultural dream. Well sorry boys and girls but it hasn’t worked.
Apart from the economic strain it has caused, we are still a benefits magnet. Anyone from our Muslim community will agree that people should be allowed into our country to work and not doss and spout radical views. We need immigration because many British people do not want to work in certain jobs, but it has to be controlled.
Second and third generation immigrants naturally become ‘British’ as they integrate into our society, just look at many people who work in media, newsreaders etc.
Some of my Muslim workers have been upset this week about the incident in Woolwich because they are hard working people not radical Islamists and they are a credit to our society.
When it comes to Europe, we need to maintain our economic links, but need to completely sever our political links, especially the human rights and immigration clauses. We need to control who comes into this country from inside and outside Europe and also be able to expel any undesirables immediately.
The Tories will continue to destroy themselves over this unless Cameron gets a grip.
Rob Hatherall
Spring Grove, Cwmbran