I refer to Margaret Morton’s letter of June 14. I will go further with my critical view of Newport’s library services.

I am appalled at the non-service provided to the residents of Newport. We were informed that to renew items and book computers, you had to call 656656, the time-consuming, money-gobbling number.
However, even that helpline is no longer available and as direct contact with libraries is a definite no-no, you have to go in person and, should there be no computer service available at that time – well, bad luck.
Why do none of the libraries open on Saturdays after 1pm? (You know: when workers and children are off.) So, little wonder books are not being renewed / returned and God help you should you be hospitalised or on holiday. At 27p per day per item, people can’t afford to return overdue items anyway.
I have now boycotted Newport libraries as being unfit for purpose and I now use a neighbouring authority library where they open six full days and you can ring direct to renew, order items, book computers and you can use the computers for as long as you wish without being charged £1 per hour after the first hour.

Beryl J Jarvis,
Western Valley Road,