CONCERN is prevalent about attacks and threats to women in public office or eye, who express views contra to the Mucha Macho.

This attitude has a wide spectrum, encompassing the action of police commissioner Ian Johnston, in forcing Gwent Chief Constable Mrs Napier to resign, in my view, and as I forecast in earlier letters.
Mr Sanderson in his recent letter damns her with faint praise, without evidence, other than Johnston’s opinion.
And now Michael Johnson joins in, perhaps also a member of the Blackwood mucho macho cohort!
It is too premature to draw the line.
The Parliamentary Committee, should probe deeply into the gestation of the Blackwood Cabal, how they formulated their programme and objectives, and did they keep minutes of their decisions?
The stored up enmities, the strong smell of internal police politics, and old buddies association, is a clear warning signal that transparency is required.
Finally, has the stand-in chief constable been given the nod of acceptance, is another female police officer likely to be considered or appointed, and is a charge of abuse of power, likely to be the verdict of the Parliamentary investigation?
Samuel H Boyd
Narberth Crescent Cwmbran