DO PONTYPOOL Community Council realise that we live in a multicultural society and in the borough of Torfaen we have people of all faiths and indeed none? So opting for a “Merry Christmas”/”Nadolig Llawen” sign would be to show a pro-Christian bias (as opting for a sign saying “Happy Hanukkah” would show a Jewish bias (etc).

I thought Torfaen Council had an equalities policy which the community council should respect? To disregard other cultures is not only disrespectful but also possibly rather racist! Why also do Pontypool Council also choose to display a Nativity scene in their office window? (The mythical Jesus wasn’t born on this date but it was used by the Christian church to take over the pagan celebration of Saturnalia).Unless of course the child in the manger is actually Mithra?

As an atheist I think Pontypool Council should have a sign saying “Season’s Greetings!”Or maybe we could have instead a free food and drink knees – up in Pontypool Park with a bonfire where we could burn effigies of Cameron, Clegg, IDS, Miliband etc? Now that would bring festive cheer.

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran