IT’S NOT suppliers we should “switch”, it’s but the system if we want to lower energy bills, as 98 per cent of electricity supply is controlled by the big six companies. so s Swapping suppliers asks a lot of the remaining two per cent of generators and even more from consumers baffled by the array of tariffs on offer.

Wholesale prices in Europe are now 50 per cent lower than the UK, and power prices in Germany have fallen to minus 50 Euros/MW hour, in other words so much renewable energy was being generated that producers were having to pay the European grid to take the excess!

Sadly the UK is one of the few countries that doesn’t get it, doesn’t give priority grid access to clean energy and will not allow its rapidly falling costs to drive down power prices. because For as European energy prices fall, so too has the stock market value of the major European utilities, so big energy is being forced to live on normal rather than ‘supernormal’ profits.

In theory Britain is allowed to plug in to the European interconnector capacity, but the ‘cartel’ (big six) are having none of it, hence the scandalous price rises and bogeyman stories of ‘lights going out’.

T King Five Locks Road Cwmbran