I HAVE been finding it very frustrating recently that you are unable to go for a swim when you please, even mothers and babies are restricted to set hours in the week.

If your baby happens to take their nap during the hour that swimming is available, then this is something not available to you. Even adults who wish to have a swim before they go home after work are unable to as all pools are being used for swimming lessons, ‘the money maker’. I thought leisure facilities were supposed to encourage exercise for the public. With the obesity crisis, surely the pools should be open to the public for more than a few set hours a week. NISV is one of the worst I have ever experienced, with the excuse of lifeguards being required even for the baby pool. Well I’m sorry, but I think their pay would be covered with the number of mums who would use it if it were open all day.

Rhiannon Fowler Brangwyn Avenue Cwmbran