I WONDER is Stu Vigus the back or the front of the Labourite pro-capitalist pantomime horse? He plods around the letters page with an inane personal attack on myself (based on a total ignorance of anarchism) and like Mike Gough ducks the issue in question, namely the Con/Dem government’s “austerity” cuts passed on to the good people of Torfaen by a shower of councillors who are supposed to have a duty of care towards the people who elected them!

I can only presume Stu Vigus sees nothing wrong in making the most vulnerable in the borough pay for the greed of corporations or speculating bankers? The lack of empathy is worrying!

As for the bye-election, as an anarchist I believe in empowering the individual through direct democracy, both in the community and workplace.

The reason ‘Member: Anarchist Federation/IWW’ does not appear next to my signature is that the editor does not print it.

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran