THE LATEST ‘public relations’ film by the fracking industry makes for disturbing viewing.

In it by the fracking fraternity seem hell-bent on selling their dubious cash-clutching scheme to a sceptical public, what with a 30-minute sales pitch on how utterly impressive/essential/cost-effective/brilliant fracking is.

The programme gave a scant look at one of the ‘minor’, hardly worth mentioning, downsides in Pennsylvania [US] which is riddled with fracking well test areas.

Tests showed that 85 per cent of water samples from these sites contained dangerous levels of methane and the bubbling water was actually flammable.

Apparently the reasons given for this was that were the construction of wells is somewhat primitive, causing the chemicals to seepleech into the earth.

But there was no mention of how fracking blasts the bedrock we live on to pieces and is known to cause earthquakes.

The 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster was caused by BP scrimping on safety checks and maintenance, so if multinationals can’t be trusted, now we have fly-by-night fracking cowboys!

The frackers should be told to frack off and take their fracking gear with them.

T King Five Locks Road Cwmbran