DAVID McEwan Hill asked how we Welsh would feel if dreamer Alex Salmond were to come to Wales and “interfere with Welsh Politics?”

Well, whilst I would agree that Scottish independence should indeed be decided on by the people of Scotland, it is arrogance personified for supporters to believe that the Scottish people are the only ones who should voice opinion on the issue.

Carwyn Jones is quite rightly voicing his concerns at the mess that the UK might be left in should our Celtic cousins decide to leave the UK.

It affects EVERYONE in the UK, not just the Scots, so everyone in this current democracy has a right to these opinions.

Are Alex Salmond’s arguments for Scotland’s separation that flimsy that he cannot counter the real concerns of those in the UK opposing his views?

At least we have a WAG who are realists in that they can see the potential dangers of separatism.

A Bond Tramway Close Cwmbran