JUST what is going wrong with the bin recycling operatives in Torfaen?

Unless a bin jumps out at them they totally ignore it. They are employed to empty the bins; however they do everything to avoid doing so.

Recent scams include arriving at ridiculous hours of the morning, before people get up, to take away the rubbish. This week the bins were blown about by the wind. If your bin was blown over or pushed up against a wall to stop the contents blowing everywhere, they just ignored them. I just don’t understand how they can get paid for this shoddy service. It is bad enough having rubbish collected every fortnight, however I am lucky if my black bin gets collected once a month!

Don’t get me started on the separate recycling boxes. I must recycle the wrong shape and size of rubbish as half of it gets left in the bottom of the box after so-called collection.

Please, Torfaen council, can you supply me a dustbin painted in fluorescent yellow with Braille writing on the side, just in case! If not, employ someone with a good sense of smell as my dustbin is stinking!

Mr Deacon Oaklands View Greenmeadow