ON MARCH 5, I will be leading a debate in the National Assembly on my proposed bill for a legal duty for Minimum Nurse Staffing Levels.

This is a hugely exciting opportunity for Wales and the Welsh NHS to take a positive step forward in ensuring safe and compassionate care.

There is increasing evidence from across the world that nurse staffing levels have a significant impact on patient care and the recruitment and retention of staff. Sadly, Wales currently has the highest number of patients per nurse in the UK. This means that all too often, our nurses are unable to give the time to perform their role to their highest caring ability. 

My proposed bill aims to ensure that our nursing services are properly staffed at all times. Investing in the best care produces the best outcome and experience for the patient and it is also the most cost-effective use of public money. Providing undignified or unsafe care is simply not acceptable.

If Assembly Members vote down the bill on March 5, then it will end before it has even started. We can’t let that happen.

Please write to your local AM and encourage them to vote ‘yes’ on March 5 to allow this bill to move to the next stage, so that we can properly debate this important issue. You can find out more and show your support at www.more nurses.org.uk.

Kirsty Williams AM Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats