MY OLD adversary Jim Dyer (Argus 27.2.14) said that “I don’t think flooding is a major issue” on the Glebelands playing fields, St Julian’s, Newport. One of the many local residents’ concerns with the proposed housing development on the Glebelands is flooding in the area and in adjacent residential streets resulting from the extra pressure on the drainage and sewerage systems.

Fortunately, as John Griffiths, Newport East AM, wrote in the “Your AM writes” Argus column (27.2.14), the Welsh Government has been investing across Wales for years “to try and prevent flooding before it happens”!

Jim Dyer wrote that he would be against the development on the Glebelands and then questions “the anti gang”. Does he mean the many decent local residents and highly respected organisations and groups who have officially objected and advised the head of regeneration and regulatory services at Newport’s Civic Centre? There are many other unpopular and critical aspects to this plan with flood prevention very important as stated by Mr. John Griffiths.

Brian Donovan Darlington Court Newport