READ Brian Donovan’s letter today, in response to mine, about flooding on the Glebelands. I hope he is not going to start another row, as I am on his side objecting to more houses there.

It may be his wording but it seems he is now kicking off about flooding there. According to Brian, I am unaware of the hundreds of residents who object on this premise. I can’t see what he is getting at, as there was no severe flooding on the Glebe in the most ferocious weather for years. In fact I would say that Brian’s intention was to use the flooding as a guise, to start his renowned rants about the housing plans.

He then plunges into a diatribe about objections to the plans, which again has nothing to do with flooding. What’s your problem Brian?

Isn’t my agreeing to the objections good enough or do you want me to re-phrase my use of “anti-gang”?

Jim Dyer Stockton Road Newport