NATURAL Resources Wales and Dwr Cymru Welsh Water have both objected to the Newport City Council’s proposal, as it stands, to build 248 dwellings (houses and flats) on contaminated land adjacent to the Glan Usk Primary School, Glebelands Park. The enviromentalistic objections include sewerage issues, nearby River Usk (Flooding risk?).

Wildlife danger, contaminated soil concerns etc. Meanwhile, convoys of lorries carrying soil (contaminated?) from the site, continue to spill part of their loads onto residential streets! In his latest churlish letter (Argus 10.3.14), Jim Dyer repeats that he objects to “more houses on the Glebelands”, but unlike Natural Resources Wales and Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, he does not give a reason for his objection. Perhaps he will target these experts next with his colourful, inaccurate, unimpressive language of no real substance.

Brian Donovan Darlington Court Newport