RELIGIONS, faiths, call them what you like, have been the cause of wars and strife in the world for thousands of years and are, unfortunately, still with us today.

David Cameron stated we are still a Christian country whilst Dr Rowan Williams says we are a post-Christian one. Our churches and chapels are closing on a weekly basis while mosques and, what I call pseudo-churches, are popping up everywhere.

It’s like allowing strangers into your home only to find yourself soon on the street.

Now we have the scenario of the so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ where schools and pupils are being targeted. We all try not to be racist in these matters, but a sponge can only absorb so much water and this little island of ours can only accept so many immigrants.

This same situation is being reflected across Europe as the recent European Parliament elections showed. The head and not the heart must prevail to sort out this monumental problem.

R John Smith Greenwood Avenue Cwmbran