THE law - The Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act strengthens existing safeguards for children.

An article in the South Wales Argus, November 14, 2017, also included about the act, “It also introduces parallel provisions for relevant partners to report to councils someone suspected to be an adult at risk of abuse or neglect.”

“This is supplemented by a new duty for councils to make inquiries to determine whether any action is required to safeguard adults at risk.”

Newport City Homes is Newport’s biggest landlord with responsibilities for children and adults living in tax paid social housing yet Newport Council, since the act was introduced last year, has not just put NCH at arms length but out of reach.

In regard to this act was their disengagement legal? Removing themselves from a position where they had sight of problems Welsh government want monitored! 

I’m sure the vote to leave and rescind their voting rights was legal, (moral?) and I’m confident Newport council has, as instructed by Welsh Government, a dedicated team in place to receive, monitor and act upon information of abuse and neglect involving children and adults. 

It may be a good time to remind your employers of the team’s contact details.

Peter Walters