IS THERE anyone out there who really cares about animals? I have not been having much success with the RSPCA. We have had a nice little black cat roaming around our area, friendly and nice natured, who lives nearby.

But the cat is not provided with somewhere to sleep and is living rough.

The RSPCA investigator visited the young lady who owns the cat and said she had all the necessities for the cat but leaves it out all day and all night.

Surely it should be provided with a place to sleep whether it’s a shed or a sheltered area with a box. 

I am 84 and cannot have another cat as I am too old now. The cat is still roaming around and nothing has changed. 

The RSPCA have no intentions of doing anything at all. 

It is a sad thing to have to see everyday. Can anyone help? 

Mrs D Davies
Kidwelly Close