IN ANSWER to the letter sent in by Mrs K Davies, November 17.

As an animal lover, I appreciated very much how she feels, concerning the cat that she is worried about whose owner can’t be bothered. In my opinion this callous woman should be prosecuted. 

However, as far as I’m concerned, the RSPCA among other animal charities, are more concerned with spending all their time and finances pursuing big business ventures, thus totally ignoring the real reason that they were founded all those years ago.

So I would suggest that they all rethink their strategies, and start putting the animals first and leave the business world to the people who don’t have to consider such things as kindness, emotion and compassion.

They should also be made aware of the face that there are hundreds of people who feel as I do about this matter. 

As for Mrs Davies, I am the same age as her, otherwise I would be happy to take this cat in. 

So all I can do is wish her good luck and hope that she gets some response to her requests for help but I won’t be holding my breath. 

Miss S Fitzgerald
Gaer Vale