THANK you to your correspondent, Gwyneth Spadaro-Dutturi, for giving me the opportunity to comment on the Animal pain vote.  

Currently, EU law provides some protection of animals’ welfare. 

However, as Brexit approaches, our government has just voted (by a margin of 10 votes) against this law, reducing animals to deaf and dumb creatures who exist purely for our benefit. 

Against all the latest scientific evidence (over 2,500 studies) somehow they have come to the conclusion that animals are non-sentient, ie. don’t feel pain or emotion. 

There can only be one reason for this, and that is to enable the exploitation of animals with no hindrance to profit-making or ‘pleasure’, for such barbaric practices as animal testing and hunting.

It will enable the lowering of animal welfare standards generally, including those for domestic pets, farm animals, and our even our own native wildlife. I am pleased to see that the RSPCA have already voiced their disgust at the vote.

However, there is a chance to overturn this sickening decision. The bill now has to go to the Lords, and if enough of us put our names forward on petitions, they will reject it. 

I ask anyone who has compassion and really cares for animals to please sign one of the petitions on either the ’38 degrees’ website or the website without delay.

Thank you.

Nick Fisher
Prospect Street