DURING the referendum not a single leaver said they would be willing to pay a leaving bill.

While many remainders said and expected some kind of exit bill would need to be paid. Now after critical cabinet meeting they have agreed upping the settlement from £20 billion to around £40 billion.

How leavers would have voted Brexit if this would be the kind of payment to leave a 2% swing could have made it nearly a 50-50 split.

With a recent report on Brexit price rises already costing families £7.74 a week of £404 a year.

Another 1% of leavers voting to stay, the then EU referendum would have been even closer.

The country is now left with senior Tory politicians busy stabbing each other in the back.

A strong and stable prime minister would have sacked Phillip Hammond, Boris Johnston and Michael Gove a long time ago.

The UK’s negotiations team appear to be a bunch of amateurs.
Andrew Nutt 
Heolddu Road