SO WHAT the UK government gives with one hand, namely scrapping the iniquitous Severn bridge tolls, our befuddled Welsh assembly proposes to take away with the other with its preposterous Wales tourism tax.

Is the assembly so dead set on denying Wales any chance of prosperity or is it just another example of the “if it moves tax it” mentality so beloved by politicians devoid of ideas?

Of course it must be blindingly obvious to all that in order to attract tourists to Wales we must first make their proposed holiday considerably more expensive; you know it makes sense.

While we are at it let’s deprive all those who depend on tourism of any chance of increasing their income; no doubt they will thank us for it, as will all the communities who might have benefitted from a growth in the economy.

What point is there of keeping a welcome in the hillsides if there will be nobody to welcome? 

Julian R Powell
Larch Grove
Malpas Park